K–12 Classroom Wikis from Wikispaces.com
A wiki is…
*A “digital binder.” You create the cover (the home page) and the pages (the links on the navigation bar).
I have collected my students’ and my own Web 2.0 creations and organized them so that I can use it for lessons, and students can use it for practice or research at school or at home. My wiki: http://mrsacolwell.wikispaces.com/
*A tool for collaboration. Multiple people can join a wiki and then edit it for all to see. Instead of emailing your whole team to make plans for something, like a class party, you could create a wiki and everyone could add their ideas to share.
Examples of Wiki's in use:

Our first grade team has a wiki for all to contribute to and benefit from: http://1stgradewolves.wikispaces.com

A guided reading wiki: http://guidedreadinggroups.wikispaces.com

Tabor Math Wiki: http://tabormath.wikispaces.com/home

Check out the garden wiki another teacher and I started. We are both members and we have both added things to the wiki: http://slaughtergarden.wikispaces.com/

The K-12 Plus plan wikis are free and ad-free, and you can make them private for extra security for your students.
Go to www.wikispaces.com
Click on Wikis for Individuals or Groups
Scroll down to:
Classroom Wikis for K–12 Teachers

Learn more and create your own classroom wiki today. Click here
Enter your desired username, password, and current email.
Give your Wiki a name. Choose something specific and relevant, but easy to remember.
You will probably want to select “Private” since this is for school.
Check the box that says: I certify this wiki will be used for K-12 education.
Then click “Join”
Check your email box for a confirmation email.
Then log in to wikispaces.

From the home page of your new wiki, go to the top and click on “Manage Wiki.”
This is where you can change the appearance of your wiki, invite members, change the security settings, etc.
Click on “Look and Feel” and then “Themes and Colors” to change the appearance of your wiki.

*Your Dashboard is where you can see all the wiki’s you are a member of. For example, there is a Slaughter Tech Star wiki and an MISD Tech Star wiki.
*Anytime you want to go back to your dashboard, just click on the title of your wiki at the top of the page.
*To see your home page, click on the title of your wiki listed on the dashboard.

Start at the home page.
Click on EDIT
Now the page will look and act similar to a word document.
You can type and delete text. You can change the size some.
Delete the standard text that is on your homepage currently.
You can start by typing a little greeting.
To add a link to another website, such as your teacher website, go to the top the edit box and click on “Link.”
Click on external link.
“Link Text” means what people will see when they look at your site.
“Address” is the URL for the desired site, which you can paste in the box.
*You can add a link to your teacher website to your wiki, and you can add a link to your wiki to your teacher website.

To upload a picture or graphic, click on “File” and then “+Upload Files.”
Browse to find your picture wherever it’s saved on your computer and click “open.”
Give it a second to load, and then click on the thumbnail of the picture when it shows up.
Once it’s pasted into your wiki editing page, you can hover over the image to decide where you want it aligned. You can also click and drag on the corners and sides to make it bigger or smaller.

NOW FOR THE BEST PART!!!!!!! Uploading Web 2.0 tools!!!!
Click on “Widget”
There are many options of widget types to choose from, but 9 times out of 10, it’s easiest to scroll down to the bottom and click on “Other.” This is where you will paste an “embed code” that you copy from any Web 2.0 tool or video you want to include in your wiki.
Most wiki’s include a Glog, because the Glog is easy to embed and it can include so many interactive parts within your wiki in an attractive way.

*You can see how everything will look by clicking on preview. Then you can choose to continue editing or save. ALWAYS SAVE before leaving the edit mode.

To add a new page, click on the link at the very top corner of the site that says “+New Page”

Educational Wiki Tips

Be sure to check out


for some teacher tips.

You can find out how other educators are using their wikis at